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Delivery and payment

Shipping and payment Receiving an order
The minimum order for individuals is limited to the multiple of units of one item in the package The minimum order for legal entities is limited to the multiple of units of one item in the package and the sum of 300 UAH. Online store "Videx" takes orders in the online mode around the clock, seven days a week. Orders are processed on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In the case of booking on weekends or holidays, the order will be issued during the next working day.

Confirmation and dispatch
The item is carried out on the day of receipt and ordering by our managers, subject to confirmation before 12:00. Orders received and confirmed later than 12:00 will be sent to the next business day

The delivery
The order will be delivered by the postal transport company «Nova Poshta». You will be given the option of choosing the nearest office or express delivery to the door.

Delivery cost
In the period from 12.01.2021 to 24.01.2021: when ordering goods worth 400 UAH - Delivery to the postal service warehouse is free for the customer. When ordering goods worth under 400 UAH – paid by the customer according to the delivery company tariffs.

Delivery times
delivery within 1-3 days, depending on the distance of the region specified in the delivery address. Items not received at the «Nova Poshta» issuance point will be returned to the sender after 5 days

Payment for the order is made in the following ways:
• Cash payment in the form of an imposed payment when receiving goods directly in «Nova Poshta» branch. The carrier's commission is 2% of the cost of the order of +20 UAH.

• Pay online with a Visa/MasterCard directly at the checkout on the website. The bank's commission is 2.5% of total amount of the order.

• Transfer to the checking account through «Privat24», in the form of prepayment. Our manager will contact you to confirm the details of the order. After payment, the order will be confirmed.

Warranty and return conditions
Upon receipt of the product, please check its completeness and appearance. Claims for the correctness of the order and appearance are accepted only in the presence of the carrier's representative.
If the purchased product was damaged during delivery or its appearance raises doubts, you have the right to refuse payment and request re-delivery. Please inform the sales department about this return by phone: + 3-067-520-95-65.

Return of goods of inadequate quality
The buyer has the right to return the product of inadequate quality during the entire warranty period established for this product. The beginning of the warranty period is the date of sale of the goods, which is indicated on the invoice (receipt).
To make a return, inform the sales department on the phone number: + 3-067-520-95-65, or by e-mail info@videx.ua

When returning, you must specify:
• Reason for return (if necessary, add a photo to the product);
• The total value of returned goods;
• Order number;
• Bank details (for a refund).

Send a parcel with the returned goods according to the details that will be announced to you by a sales representative.
Refunds are made by bank transfer to the card account of an individual.

To receive funds, please indicate the details
• Bank's name;
• MFO of the bank;
• Surname, name and patronymic of the recipient of funds;
• Code of the beneficiary of funds (ERDPOU of the bank or ID of the beneficiary);
• Current account of the beneficiary (bank);
• Purpose of payment (must contain the card account number and the recipient's PIB).

Return / exchange of non-defective goods
The return of goods purchased on the website www.videx.ua is carried out in accordance with Article 9 of the Act of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer’s Rights". The buyer has the right to return or exchange a non-defective product within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions:
• Workability of the goods;
• Preservation of the presentation of goods and their packaging;
• Preservation of all accessories, components, and documentation that is included in the package of goods;
• The product was not in use;
• Absence of mechanical damage / deformation of the product, including traces of thermal deformation;
• Availability of documentation that confirms the fact of purchase of goods (payment receipt, cashier's receipt, sales receipt, express invoice).
Refunds are made by bank transfer to the card account of an individual.

Warranty Limitations
A defective product / product of inadequate quality are not subject to warranty service in the following cases:
• After the end of the warranty period;
• In the presence of mechanical damage / deformation, including thermal deformation;
• If there is a sign of disassembly of the product or sign of penetration into the product;
• When using the product in conditions that do not meet the rules of use described in the instructions for the product;
• The original packaging has not been preserved;
• There is no document that confirms the fact of the purchase of goods (payment receipt, cash register receipt, sales receipt, express invoice)
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