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New Neoclassic (Filament)  8W E27 2200K
New Neoclassic (Filament) 8W E27 2200K
24 March 2021, We

Meet the new Neoclassic (Filament) design. Enlarged shape of transparent flasks. Supplied with modern filament designs, the lamps are capable of providing 360° illumination diffusion. This contributes to uniform illumination of the entire surrounding area. Another indisputable advantage of Filament lamps is that they are not able to heat up to high temperatures.
There are several types of filament lamps. They differ in the scope of use. The appearance in the form of threads, as well as the devices themselves, depends on this:
- straight threads provide maximum illumination of the room, the lamp is suitable for street lighting, office, building;
- filaments in the form of spirals are used in a decorative lamp (cozy lighting of restaurants, bars, bedrooms);
- spraying in the middle of the flasks makes the light source special.
Everyone will find a suitable option for themselves, thanks to the variety of lamp shapes. You can rest assured that you are buying quality lamps that are safe for your health and provide you with comfortable lighting.

New in the BINERA series
New in the BINERA series
11 February 2021, Th

We present you new products from the BINERA series - vertical decorative frames made of glass, aluminum and plastic in different colors. In addition to the BINERA horizontal frames, there is a large assortment of vertical frames, made of different materials and number of places, to make the design of the room even more convenient and beautiful.
Frames for electrical accessories are decorative overlays that are used as decoration in the interior (they hide the junction of electrical accessories with the wall) and are protection against moisture and dust getting into electricity, which is inevitable during operation. After all, it is much easier to remove the frame and wash it, or wipe it without dismantling. Knowing this feature of the purpose of products, frames for electrical fittings use smooth coatings, are easy to clean, and simple in shape. In addition, the material of the frames is quite durable. Buy now the reliable and sophisticated decorative frame from the BINERA series and enjoy its look.

New LED floodlights PREMIUM F2 Grey
New LED floodlights PREMIUM F2 Grey
01 February 2021, Mo

Videx keeps pace with the times where innovation is needed. We present you a new series of Videx PREMIUM F2 Grey LED floodlights.
The power has become even more - up to 200W, and the price is more affordable. High energy efficiency - 130Lm/W, which will brightly illuminate the territory. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the practical design of the case with a replaceable matrix. A special protective coating will keep the floodlight from scratches. High-quality material from aluminum does not lead to heating of the matrix, so the matrix does not overheat and has the declared energy efficiency and brightness.
If you need even more energy savings, choose a 30W floodlight from this series, which is equipped with a "Day to Night" motion sensor.
The choice of Videx floodlights is very large, for all needs and with those characteristics that you need to illuminate territories.

CHOICE of the year 2020
CHOICE of the year 2020
18 December 2020, Fr

The international festival-competition "Choice of the Year" has been held in Ukraine every year since 2001. VIDEX won the 2020 Light Bulb of the Year nomination. The festival annually conducts marketing research of consumer preferences in partnership with Ipsos Ukraine. In addition to consumers, whose opinion influences the results of everything, a high and professional jury is attracted. The expert jury consisted of more than 90 participants representing business and Internet associations, trade unions, unions, government bodies, the media and the advertising community.
“Choice of the Year” is known throughout the country and therefore the victory in such competitions is an additional award for the quality of VIDEX products and another confirmation of its leadership position in the market, that VIDEX meets the requirements of the times. This prestigious award gives us and our customers the confidence that we are making great efforts to provide them with the best, most reliable and user-friendly VIDEX products on the market. In this modern age of variety, it is important to be visible and the medal is one of the tools that distinguishes VIDEX on the shelf.